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ARTiVISM drive Democracy – Cities in Motion

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The social revolution is a daughter of the esthetical Revolution Jacques Rancière 20.11.2013, taz

The PROTERRA project ARTiVISM is a COLLAGE of international democratic movements and actions in handpicked neighbourhoods of participating cities, Hannover, Athens, Rome, Barcelona and New York.
Our street life research is mapping perspectives of democratic life. We are deriving through the cities observing and watching activities and results of participation and democratic acting. We are speaking with people resisting in garden guerrilla, graffiti action groups and occupy groups. We are cooperating with low-budget art groups in the cities. We make interviews and mutual projects with people from social activities like welcome culture for refugees, practical ways of a new social common good economy (Gemeinwohlökonomie), collective housing, Culture of Change, artist collectives and alternative farmers markets. We are looking and participating for actions to re-occupy squares and streets in the cities. The COLLAGE use photos, texts, theatre, sketches, film and specific watching and writing. We look forward to a steadily communication with built street-work-art-groups in Hannover, Athens, Barcelona, New York and Florence. The mapping and documenting street activities with modes of expression of democratic acting in the city flow into documentary in the web, exhibition, theatre presentations and mutual manifestations in the participating cities.