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Agora_small.jpg We want to activate public space as a discussion panel and think of the city as a place of creation with the right to meet, participate, exchange, big celebrations and collective designed and used urban space.

The congress Artivism drives democracy in Lviv will take place, from the beginning as a team building method, on a collectively chosen public space in the periphery of the hotel the participants are staying in.

Together we will develop, create and design that place and it will be the platform for nearly all events happening during the congress. We will examine the dynamics and needs that will evolve when you are together, creating an urban space. Starting from the first day bit by bit, this place will be enriched and activated. All the different forms of expression and methods towards social awareness and change can work on this created common ground. Street art, theater, music, performance…

To make sure that this place is open and makes participation and inclusion possible, there will be an invitation and information letter for people living in the surrounding before we arrive. It gives the citizens the possibility to have a voice in this happening and they can also offer things. Apart from the workshops and inputs the teams will present, special working groups can start to form and exchange, focused on a special theme or shared passions. (Talking rounds on writers/theory/philosophy/politics/… music jam sessions) Some groups are already starting to form beforehand, like media and documentation strategy or dynamics of the group/energizer.

On the workshop day of the Agora itself, which will be before the performance/intervention day in Lviv, we will separate into approx. 6 groups. Each group will have a certain task to fulfil, will care for the building of an element that is needed for the group process (blackboards, seats and tables, stage, safe space for dialogue etc.). During this building process each group will also have a discussion about our main topics under all the themes of society. Possible topics are by now: Europe, democracy can/needs/is, values, fears and aggression, collective memory, capitalism and class conflict….

After a day of building and discussion we will bring all products and outputs together and talk in a big round around the fire. In the later evening we will plan and coordinate the performances and interventions following in Lviv. With this concept, the Agora gives us the perfect frame to find a shared vision for our network, works as a test of collaboration and brings us to an active and productive creation.