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ARTIVism Drives Democracy is realized - Lviv 2016

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Artivism_small_0.jpg ARTivism Drives Democracy is an association of artists and politically engaged citizens from Athens, Belgrade, Lviv, Lecce, Oslo, Tunis, Amsterdam, Augsburg and Hanover. From 24/5 – 05/06/2016 we are organizing a congress with 50 participants in Lemberg / Lviv in Ukraine. This conference is funded by the EU.

ARTivism Drives Democracy wants to unite the heterogeneous and diverse facets of art movements with social responsibility, combine art with political action in public space and merge young, socially committed artists with democratic movements. We want the borders between art, political actions and playful joy of intervention in urban spaces to be permeable.

With the mission to initiate democratic design processes and to keep them permanently and dynamically, 10 partner organizations from a total of 8 countries joined into a network.

With art as rousing tool, this network offers a wide range of participatory creative methods, practices and strategies and by this is going to explore new ways of democratic and horizontal participation.

The current political and social crises are a challenge for Europe and its neighboring countries and threaten the democratic developments and opportunities of young and freshly formed initiatives. Art has always responded to political and social conditions, has influenced and changed. Even today there is no difference, when new political conflicts arise all over the world, art must not stay behind.

In Lviv we will place the foundation for this permanent Trans-European cooperation.