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MIRASMA, NAXOS: Cross-Cultural Artistic Communication ΜΟΙΡΑΣΜΑ, ΝΑΞΟΣ: Διαπολιτισμική Καλλιτεχνική Συνάντηση

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MIRASMA is a place of encounter and participation of artists from all over the world; it gives the space for training and exchange of ideas between the artists and the citizens of Naxos to advance cultural creation and ecological awareness. The artists involved shall be enabled to hold workshops and lectures and, at the same time, work on their own projects to be presented by the completion of the residency. Collaboration with their fellow-artists and the local population of Naxos is strongly encouraged. The goal is to develop and establish a “Centre for Exchange of Art, Ecology and Ideas” in Naxos as a venue for international projects. Citizens of Naxos will create this place together with the founding team of MIRASMA, for it to stay active in the island throughout the years. The aim is to build a permanent Greek-European cooperation and to allow this cooperation financially. MIRASMA is a part of our Artivism Drives Democracy, which was founded in 2014 in Athens, with the main goal to facilitate and empower artists to inspire and motivate the citizens for active participation in society. The idea of Agorá that was communicated during Artivism Drives Democracy meetings was the initiative that led to the conception of MIRASMA. On this form of Agorá, politically, artistically and environmentally active people meet each other for a certain period of time to develop a place that will inspire people to intervene creatively in society. This space aims to encourage all the citizens of Naxos, especially young people and also those who are not directly related to the arts but working and supporting the land of Naxos.

MIRASMA offers a new theme every period for the artists to be inspired and develop their work accordingly. For September 2017 (5-23/9) MIRASMA has the following theme, “The Aesthetics of Nature: Light and Sounds of the Landscape”. MIRASMA invites artists from all disciplines. The meeting encourages artists: - To create along the given theme - To collaborate with the locals - To collaborate with their fellow-artists - To offer one workshop introducing their approach to the current project in Naxos History is a fundamental part of Culture. MIRASMA will offer lectures and discussions related to the important socio-political history of the island, as remembrance is vital for the development of societies. The citizens of Naxos will play a significant role in this part of MIRASMA. MIRASMA is a collaborative project between Greece and Germany, under the leadership of the director Dr. Eugenia Arsenis and Mr. Klaus Windolph, who is one of the founders of Naxos Academy. The results of the first MIRASMA will be communicated at a meeting in Hannover, the “World Music City of UNESCO”.