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MIRASMA, NAXOS: Cross-Cultural Artistic Communication ΜΟΙΡΑΣΜΑ, ΝΑΞΟΣ: Διαπολιτισμική Καλλιτεχνική Συνάντηση

MIRASMA is a place of encounter and participation of artists from all over the world; it gives the space for training and exchange of ideas between the artists and the citizens of Naxos to advance cultural creation and ecological awareness. The artists involved shall be enabled to hold workshops and lectures and, at the same time, work on their own projects to be presented by the completion of the residency. Collaboration with their fellow-artists and the local population of Naxos is strongly encouraged.

ARTivism drives Democracy - Internationale Konferenz 2.-5.7.2015 in Hannover

ARTivism drives Democracy Preliminary Meeting Hanover, 2-5 July 2015


Meeting place:

Pavillon, Lister Meile 4, 30161 Hannover/ Oststadt, Bühne 2; Fon: Fettah Diouri 01708304662 Meeting place: VNB, Charlottenstr.42/ Ilse-ter-Meer-Weg 6, 30449 Hannover (Ahrbergviertel) Fon: Frank Schmitz 0511-45003846

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The aim of this project ARTIVISM DRIVES DEMOCRACY – Cities in Motion is to facilitate and empower artists to inspire the audience towards the realization of the need for active participation in society and to share ideas and actions transculturally. PROTERRA Hannover und eine Künstlergruppe in Athen um die Michael Cacoyiannis Stiftung, die Universität Athen und das Network Art Athina haben bei einer Konferenz vom 17.-24.11.2014 in Athen ein Konzept für ARTIVISM entwickelt.

ARTiVISM drive Democracy – Cities in Motion

The social revolution is a daughter of the esthetical Revolution Jacques Rancière 20.11.2013, taz

The PROTERRA project ARTiVISM is a COLLAGE of international democratic movements and actions in handpicked neighbourhoods of participating cities, Hannover, Athens, Rome, Barcelona and New York.
Our street life research is mapping perspectives of democratic life. We are deriving through the cities observing and watching activities and results of participation and democratic acting. We are speaking with people resisting in garden guerrilla, graffiti action groups and occupy groups.